Experience Matters

Decades Of Proven Business Experience

Champions Funding LLC – Managing the Florida Communities Revitalization Fund


Experience matters

Champions Funding LLC manages the Florida Revitalization Investment Fund:

Champions Funding is a subsidary of Community Champions Corporation, a Florida Limited Liability Company.

Community Champions Corporation is an:

  • Independent Industry Leader in Property Registration
  • Property Restoration
  • Property resale
  • Urban renewal specialists focused on funding affordable housing.

Champions Funding LLC and its parent Community Champions Corporation, have established business relationships with local governments, non-profit organizations, and individual investors to provide property registration, compliance, and funding for affordable housing projects.


  • We are a trusted partner in over 120 communities.

In Short

Champions Funding LLC is lead by President Ron Mulberry and manages the Florida Communities Revitalization Fund. The executive management team includes Community Champions CEO David Mulberry and Chief Financial Officer Tom Darnell. This executive team brings decades of experience to the table ranging from business start ups to business development to implementation of business IT processes and improvements.  Please see the Investment Summary for their respective business profiles.